“Not A Review But Motivation For My Writing”.

As mentioned in the earlier post what and how motivates us that is my search area now.

Life took many a turn and finally an academician with the ambition to be an evangelist of entrepreneurship. As an academician, reading has to be inbuilt but wondering how to write well and suddenly go a twitter handle Novemberschild @romspeaks. Through further research went up to the Blog which now I visit on regular basis.

I was not knowing much about the author but started reading her e-book ???The Three Flowers???-My blooming verses. By this time had an opportunity to interact with the author through tweets only and finally thought about writing few lines about my learning from ???The Three Flowers???.

She wrote or expressed about A to Z in author way, as a reader I like A-Anger because that is the control point for me, E-Earth where we come and devote our karma finally the nice explanation of Z-Zebra through the colors. I keep other alphabets for you readers to read and express further.

As reader always believes in the fact that author???s works are perceived by every reader in a different way or perception so I wrote about my perception with the viewpoint that you as a reader try to perceive in your own way.

So, I can say all the best to you author Novemberschild@romspeaks http://www.novemberschild.com/

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