Are Societal Rules Changing?

Bachpaan (Childhood) kii Eyaad (memory) or childhood memories we all love to recall and even term as ???nostalgia???. I am sharing here though own experience with a little bit different perspective or introspection. Expecting readers mainly youth will introspect further through smart analysis because now world is becoming more smarter day by day. We all were young, once upon a time and we all will be mature and old one day where today???s youths are not an exception.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Quite common lecture (Vashan) in all platforms, during our days (hamare zamanee mee) we used to follow the rule like?????????????????????..Question to the speaker, do you wish to create a new world through your experience? (Aaapkee Zamanee see aaap naya zamanaa create karna chahtee haii?)
Problem is this example pattern is always challenge to the new world or youth so speakers please change the rule of presentation. Here introspection required for old people like us.

The best thing is happening now which will define the title well, we all are experts, mentors and advisors to the new generation on the subject ???Entrepreneurship???? I am putting a question mark on myself also. Am I eligible enough to teach or declare myself as an evangelist of entrepreneurship? Raised the question before putting forward the point that in earlier days our minds used to be tuned for getting a job, now youths are learning entrepreneurship even at school level so the title is are societal rules changing?
Further Changes in Society.
Earlier, enjoying tea by paying Rs5/- or Rs10/- per cup and gossip but now even by paying Rs100/- plus for a masala tea that enjoyment is missing?

I will continue my writings with this topic reason being we as an academician many a time fail to understand how concepts and patterns are changing. For example, cell phone and internet are new for us but present generation it is part of culture or life, so why complaining of use to misuse?
My prediction, down the line 30 years maximum people would love to avoid attending classroom lecture, seminars and workshops even so the question is are we ready to face and accept this societal changes?

Thanks, to be continued.