???Motivation???- is it motive for action?

The word ???Motivation???, always attracts me with a specific reason, so, I am sharing few lines. As I am in management teaching profession, receive the invitation to deliver a speech on various topics, yes, entrepreneurship is one of the major areas apart from the theme of management education. While receiving invitation usually I ask the organizer what am I suppose to talk? The majority of the time with a smile I receive a reply, sir, you have to motivate the audience with your 15 minutes speech. Interesting for me to find that I can also motivate students? If I accept yes we can motivate people second associated question is what is the algorithm or pattern by or through which people get motivated? This question took me to the point that I shall be adopting some method through which the word ???Motivation??? can be justified further.

For students it is well-known point that I am quite active on social media, almost majority of the handles like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter to mention few, so collecting some opinion poll was also not a problem for various topics. So, now my drive is to interact with people and collect information which motivates them, same will be shared at BLOG www.durdarshita.com as a major category. Here my focus will be to understand exact points or factors which have been considered by people or perceived by people which motivated them in some point of time or other in their life.

There could be cases like someone is quitting some bad habits with the motivation of someone, similarly achieving great things by the motivation of some specific reason. My point of further understanding will be to know the points which really motivate us to achieve desired goal or objectives. Interesting to write on motivation or know more about motivation came in mind while understanding the Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and his life. At the personal level, I was trying to understand what are the points I am collecting out of Pichai???s professional life which is motivating me further. So my next title will be ???Sundar Pichai??? as inspiration.

I am in the process of interaction with people on the same topic that is ???Motivation???, interesting points emerging out of a discussion like someone mentioned sir the most important point is TRUST, meaning if anyone developing trust on you sure they will be motivated by you.
Let us try to understand the topic with simplicity so stay tuned for the article on ???Sundar Pichai??? our inspiration.