The Need To Live A Life Of Hope

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I always appreciate your visit to my blog and valuable comments also, today on this auspicious day when I started receiving WhatsApp wishes (many as forward) apart from wishes through Facebook personal messages came across the post of Dr Devanshu and thought to keep same here.

As an academician, I liked the last paragraph which is a great message for the teaching community. This is the message:

“The Need To Live A Life Of Hope”

My (Dr Devanshu Patel-President-Parul University) thoughts on the occasion of Janmashtami:
Each day, when the sun goes down, it takes away the light and the night brings darkness into our lives. The reason why we do not fear the dark is not because we are all brave, but it is because we have the hope that in the morning the sun will rise again. It is this hope that I see as a symbol of great importance in our lives. We have all faced problems and troubles which
appeared in our lives just like the night. They seemed too heavy to carry and also coming out of these troubles seemed impossible. However, the most important thing is that you still survived. Even when you could not see a way out, even when your eyes were blind and you could not find a solution but Hope made you see the way, the Hope of a better tomorrow made you live through the troubles of today.
It is this Hope that Lord Krishna brought to us, when he came into a world that was filled with darkness, a world where people faced troubles. He came and placed the light of Hope deep into our hearts. This is what I believe today is about. I believe Janmashtami is about finding this hope even when everything in the world feels like it is going wrong. Today we celebrate the birth of the one who came to bring order in a world of chaos, and brought light into a world which was filled with darkness. Today we face poverty, illnesses and above floods like the case of Kerela, these might be different, but the one thing that remains the same is the solution that we need for them and today reminds us that Lord Krishna Janmashtami stands as our symbol of hope, a symbol to guide is through the dark moments of life into a better tomorrow.

I deeply desire Parul University, to also stand as pillar of hope for our students, staff and to our nation at large. That we can also do our part to give people a sense of peace knowing that they are looked after. They say the future is something we cannot see, but the future is something we can create as long we do our work with hope as our guide.

By Devanshu J Patel