Am I an academician and management thinker?

Hopefully very few people get an opportunity to travel and it is rightly said travelling is a means of education, seems almighty is having something better for us because now travelling might remain as dream only. Yes, we can???t travel now so freely but can log on to www and travel through the new world that is digital and this might be called as digital travelling.

Life was normal and free from restrictions suddenly saw and experienced many restrictions as academicians, either in terms of imposition of 144 or partial to full lockdown. Initially might be it was little fun also as started staying at home without any schedule but when tried to understand the nature of the naughty virus and started controlling the entire work through digital mode felt that new normal is going to be the new life and the fastest adoption will be the name of the game.

Interestingly entire phenomenon was or is new for every citizen of this universe though the reason might be naughty virus but question is how this virus became so naughty to create such devastating impact. Whole world is now worried but don???t know how much worried is the creator of this naughty virus so shall we ask almighty first or shall we blame the civilization process? At this juncture I don???t wish to blame but wish to pray for the survival of this wonderful world. So, we have both the extremes from creation to destroy. As a student I used to respect the Malthusian???s population control and growth theories might be as an economist and philosopher he was correct with many debatable proposition of his theory.

Many people have and will still have the question that how students will learn by staying at home? As an academician I don???t wish to conclude but would like to share that new generation or this smart generation prefer to look at screens (Smartphones) more than the faces of teachers. Learning pattern had changed and will change further because of the challenges we are facing. So like other academicians I also adopted digital platform for dissemination of knowledge and gathering of Gyan (Knowledge). I am lucky as adopted digital platform long back and even created strong presence through social media and almost all the handles so adoption was not an issue at personal level.

The biggest question I asked to myself, I can adopt and feel comfortable but what about the others mainly the academicians who are always in support of conventional methods might be chalk and board? Second question or challenge how to make sessions or activities through digital mode engaging one because entire control mechanism is having a different algorithm. Recently I asked an academician about PODCAST and seeing the reaction felt that still we are far behind in technology adoption while new normal is already our part of life.

As an academician of management education I am confident so talked on
???Uncertainty Management??? recently on an international platform but I am also worried on some emotional factors with the highest levels of economic impact. Fact is that civilization process can adjust nicely with time because time is the best healer but psychological pressure already created in the environment is quite alarming, few thousands of kilometers walk to reach home cannot be termed as new normal.

I would like to conclude this write-up by quoting one incidence to share my worry as management thinker or academician. Many professionals and business personalities are in touch with me either over phone or other digital connectivity and topic is quite common that is corona and lockdown. One line quoted by one great fighter kept me engaged on thinking because he quoted sir, during lockdown whole day I am not worried because occupied with family but in the evening when go for introspection (ATMACHINTAN) my worry is how to create a future for myself and business? This question kept on reminding me one point that management thinker and academician will have a great role to play during this new normal economy while psychological support will be required in a greater as well as better way because I am supporting the fellow as per my capacity and knowledge.

My honest proposition and question to the world are we all trying little bit to survive and grow together or still thinking in isolation? If readers ask me the question on same line my honest submission will be as an academician I am trying to enhance my effectiveness while trying to extend psychological support to the community I have created through social media or in real world but maximum focus is for KARMABHUMI first while in touch with JANMABHUMI also through digital platform.

This write-up I dedicate for people who supported or still supporting me and others psychologically during this challenging period even by offering sir, take some sanitizer from me because this is the new normal.

Thanks for your patience and reading.