“Personality Is Always Unique”

"Unique We Are"
“Unique We Are”

How many of us believe that every personality is unique in this earth? If we believe the title of this post,so next question is why do we wish to follow any particular personality who is great influence in our professional to personal life?

I will prefer not to mention any name but sector specific example is a great cricketer or movie director can influence us as personality.Interestingly when we are not entering to that profession where they are in, why to follow them as personality?

We might have many arguments or proposition but fact will remain as fact as the title is “Personality Is Always Unique”.

I talk to school students, college students even well established industry professionals apart from astute academicians. And after in-depth thinking and introspection felt that understanding on 360 degree personality development is the need of the hour.

Again question is how to do so?

I am sure developing 360 degree knowledge or expertise is almost impossible but we can always try for certain degree as per own capacity or abilities.

Even if we are sure about certain degree where we are quite strong and confident, rest of the things can follow us nicely.

Here I would like to put forward my own experience. Today a school student of standard 12 asked me sir have you achieved whatever you wanted to achieve in your life?

My simple reply was Yes so receiving your question now. Meaning I wanted to be a trainer or teacher who can listen to students or professionals.

Through this post I wish to attract attention of all teachers and trainers to put forward own experience on this title because ultimate revolution can be achieved by teachers or trainers.

Thanks for your patience in reading and to be continued the related topic on personality development.

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