“Mentors-You Are Precious For Society”


Globally common experience we have, to select a profession either by choice or by-chance. Usually, first preference we find be professional and join a profession and second option is initiate a venture and be an entrepreneur. Interestingly in both the cases advisable to select a mentor at very early stage of life, who can guide us in our journey.

Interesting to note that in Indian scenario or education system we are dependent too much on our teachers either school or colleges as mentor. Pertinent question is teachers who are expected to have 360 degree knowledge about universe, but how much knowledge they also can keep when universe is changing so fast. So we need to have a combination of teacher plus someone from professional world who can be mentor for us as combination.

Do you think every student of our country getting this opportunity to find out mentor who can guide them well ?

My own experience of last one week, while interacting with school students almost 700 plus students find a huge gap in this context. Here I am not considering 25000 plus college students with whom connected well on day to day basis.

The best solution or option could be if teachers of type A colleges and schools can visit type B colleges and schools to deliver sessions, similarly type B college and school teachers can move to type C and deliver session. “Word of caution is teacher or mentors with 360 degree knowledge”.This might sound easy but how many of us are ready to join in this initiative ?

I am well connected with national and international teaching and training community but find few people who are ready to support this philosophy. At individual level with capacity I have definitely will initiate organized effort with same but expecting students, teachers, professional along with well established mentors to join us so that we can create some significant social impact.

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