The human brain tells us ???reading is hard??? and ???looking is easy.???


???Few Words On My Reading Habit???

At the outset extend heartiest thanks in anticipation that you are reading these few lines written by me. Many a time I do wonder with the point and ask a question to myself do I write well ? Though never tried to collect opinion or conduct a survey in an era where putting things at least for an online survey might be a fashion also if not necessity. Title of this write-up that is ???Reading Habit??? many a time a fashion also. I am quite frank and candid to mention the word because people fail to understand difference between ???Passion & Fashion???. All must be wondering finally what am I going to write or what will be the conclusion or moral of this introductory write-up ? Simple answer at this point to my all time the best question to myself, even if we write well do we have adequate number of readers to read them? If yes author of the text is lucky if no accept the challenge to invite readers who can finally be your follower.
Many a time people quote or even misquote I must say with the point, Sir (me here), we observe you have a good reading habit. As usual with a smile my reply is might be, smile because I know good to great people who are really voracious readers and while comparing with them I do not stand anywhere. However, as compliment I accept the point I do have some reading habit. Now being academician even if I do not read have to mention the point that I have good reading habit otherwise might be students or society will not accept me as an academician.
Now the question is why this title ???My Reading Habit??? ?
Let me share with you a real story of my own life how I developed some degree of reading habit and still trying to improve same. When I was a student, my father used to give me Rs20 to Rs30 almost every week with instruction to bring some weekly magazines for him and one you can take for yourself meaning myself. As an obedient boy used to follow the instruction and that was the point from which adopted some reading habit which is still continuing. So, we as an individual first need to develop the habit of reading and encourage others also to read more through which our thinking pattern can change.
The best outcome now I observe after almost 25 years of professional experience, I am trying to write them so that others can get some benefit out of it. Always my objective will be encourage students and professionals to advise on adopting reading habit, reason being we need readers to read otherwise writing or writers will have no place. As an academician I do take responsibility to create an awareness to improve reading habit of the community where I am attached that is students and budding entrepreneurs.