“durdarshita is back”


#BBAByChoice as concept

In the year 2013 when I got the responsibility of leading #TeamBBA for first three to four months I was just trying to understand from which point shall I start?

Finally, nice thought emerged to introduce orientation of batch 2014-17 and declare orientation programme as durdarshita. Interesting question why durdarshita as word ? Simply reply is when we look at students taking a decision to join any course either engineering to pharmacy to bachelor of business administration it is conviction that will matter most. As head of the institute thought to built-up that conviction from day one for students taking admission in BBA.

Excellent observation by me though slogan started inside the classroom that is #BBAByChoice but today students are taking it forward. Hope they are convinced with the philosophy attached with it. Thanks students.

Since durdarshita.com is now back with some revamping process so followers will get an opportunity to read here along with valuable comments also.

As mentioned read which according to me is the most important component so next post will be on reading habit. Stay tuned please….

This is a clear mandate or decision my post will not be long but to the point so that students can always raise a question.


Team #durdarshita


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